A&P PowerPoints

Fall 2019

Unit 3: Integumentary System
Integumentary System

Unit 2: Tissues

Unit 1: Orientation to the Human Body
Directional Terms & Joint Movement
History, Organization, Body Systems, Homeostasis


2018-2019 Schoolyear

Chapter 1: Intro to Anatomy
Chapter 1
DNA & DNA Analysis

Chapter 2: Tissues & Integumentary System
Tissues Overview
Specific Tissue Types
Integumentary System

Chapter 3: Skeletal System & Muscular System
Skeletal System
Joints & Articulations
Muscular System
Jeopardy Review: Skeletal & Muscular Systems

Chapter 4: Nervous System
Nervous System: Divisions & Neuron Structure/Function
Synapse, Action Potential, Reflex Arcs

Chapter 5: Special Senses
Special Senses
Jeopardy Review: Nervous System & Senses

Chapter 6: Endocrine System
Endocrine System

Chapter 7: Cardiovascular System
Cardiovascular System