A&P Daily Handouts

Spring 2020

Week of 4/6 – 4/10

Chapter Outline: Cardiovascular System

Week of 3/9 – 3/13

Online activity: T1DM vs. T2DM

Week of 3/2 – 3/6

Case Study: Barbaras Thyroid

Case Study: Grumpy Old Man

Endocrine Mid-Unit Assessment

Adrenal Review WS

Intro to Blood Glucose Metabolism

Review Guide: Endocrine Exam

Week of 2/24 – 2/28

A&P Newsletter 5.1: Endocrine System

The Greatest Show

Endocrine Hormone Fxn Chart

Case Study: Chemical Eric

Article Q’s: The Love Hormone As Sports Enhancer (NY Times)

Week of 2/17 – 2/21

Article:_How Your Eyes Work

ArticleQ’s: How Your Eyes Work

Cow Eye Dissection Handout

Week of 2/10 – 2/14

Ear Anatomy Labeling WS

Practice WS: Hearing & Equilibrium

Week of 2/3 – 2/7

A&P Newsletter 4.2: Senses

Reading Guide: Special senses

Article: Effects Of Ageing On Smell & Taste

Article Q’s: Effects Of Ageing On Smell & Taste

Mini Lab: Smell & Taste

Week of 1/27 – 1/31

CTE Webquest

Review: Brain & Spinal Cord

Senses Introduction Lab

Week of 1/20 – 1/24

Exam Review: Nervous System

Cheat sheet: Brain anatomy & function


Superhero Brains

Week of 1/13 – 1/17

Reflexes Review: Monday Warm-Up

Action Potential Crash Course

Article: Geckos & Spinal Cord Regeneration

Brain Intro: Zombified Brains!

Viewing Guide: The Lobotomist

Week of 1/6 – 1/10
A&P Newsletter 4.1: Nervous System
Reading Guide: Ch. 9 Nervous System
HASPI: Neurons, Impulses, & Nerve Damage
Nervous System Divisions: Reading & Concept Map
Lab: Somatic Division & Reaction Time
Reflexes: Somatic vs. Visceral

Fall 2019

Week of 11/11 – 11/15
Accessory Structures of Arm, Leg, Pelvic Bones Diagram
Types of Bones & Long Bone Structure
Skeleton Bingo
Bone Growth, Repair & Homeostasis Handout

Week of 11/4 – 11/8
A&P Newsletter 3.1: Skeletal System
Reading Guide: Chapter 7, Skeletal System
Skull Diagrams: Labeling
Vertebrae & Thorax Diagram: Labeling
Appendicular Skeleton Diagram: Labeling

Week of 10/28 – 11/1
Tissue Repair Process: Quick Reference Sheet

Week of 10/21 – 10/25
Integument Practice Q’s
Study Guide: Unit 2 Exam
Skin & TemperatureControl
Passive Consent Form: Wound Healing Lab
Wound Healing Lab

Week of 10/14 – 10/18
UV Sunscreen Lab
Dermis, Subcutaneous, & Burn Notes WS
Integumentary Lab

Week of 10/7 – 10/11
Microscopes:Tissue Identification
Reading Guide: Integumentary System
Virtual Activity: Skin Cancer & Integumentary
Epidermis & Skin Color Notes WS

Week of 9/30-  10/4
Connective Tissue Dichotomous Key
Marfan Syndrome Lab
Tissues Review WS

Week of 9/23 – 9/27
Epithelial TissueModeling: Play-Doh
Face Transplant: Pre-Learning Questions
Biopsy MixUp: Epithelial Tissue Practice
HASPI: Connective Tissues (histology/location/function) 
Images: HASPI Connective Tissues

Week of 9/16 – 9/20
HASPI: Epithelial Tissues (histology/location/function)
Reading Guide: Book Ch. 5, Tissues

Week of 9/9 – 9/13
Directions: Organ Systems Travel Brochure
Rubric: Organ Systems Travel Brochure
Body Systems Flowchart
Earthworm Dissection
A&P Newsletter 2.1: Tissues
POGIL: Intro to Epithelial Tissues

Week of 9/2 – 9/6
Homeostasis Lab
Feedback Systems Practice WS
Thailand Cave Rescue
No Guts No Glory! Organ Systems PreAssessment
Unit 1 Study Guide

Week of 8/26 – 8/30
Chapter 1 Reading Guide
Anatomical Sports Writing Assignment
Exploring Careers In Healthcare
Biological Organization Review

Week of 8/19 – 8/23
Course Syllabus
Fall 2019 Course Calendar
Making Tough Decisions: Organ Donation & Teamwork 
A&P Newsletter1: Orientation To Human A&P
Prefixes & Suffixes List